Welc'Home, the trade fair for home and family equipment, the 11-13 in September, at Paris Le Bourget !

September 2022
Paris Le Bourget

Welc'Home, France's trade fair for the home & family equipment, 11-13 September 2022, Paris Le Bourget venue

Who is Welc'Home for?

For the professionals of import & distribution

looking for the best opportunities. ​

The exhibitors:

       Importers, producers, Stock specialists,

sales agents, distributors, ...

The visitors:

       Chain-store retailers, wholesalers, independent 

franchisees, purchasing pools, discounters,

supermarkets, food retaliers, websites, ...

What will you find at Welc'Home?

All the home & personal products​​, in stock and

available within 7 days

       Home – Decoration - Furniture

       Textile – Fashion accessories - Licenses

       Bedroom – Toys - Nursery - Festive

       Bathroom - Hygiene/Health - Household

       Kitchen - Electronic appliances

       Gardening - DIY - Outdoor

       Sport - Culture - Leisure

​       Food & Beverage